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Insure It All offers commercial customers a wide range of Bond Insurance products designed to meet state regulations, contractor requirements, and protect the small business against financial loss in uncertain economic times. Their independent insurance agents are standing by to discuss all aspects of your business and offer the bond product needed for your specific project.


Build an attractive and dependable business plan with the implementation of several bond products available at Insure It All. Land competitive bids when you meet bid requirements by providing the correct bid, performance, and payment bonds. Many municipal and government projects will not consider a contractor who does not provide sufficient bonds.

Commercial Bonds

Ready to ensure your company and profession complies with all government regulations in your area, Insure It All has the commercial bond products required for professionals such as AG, Liquor, Mortgage Broker and auto dealers. Check with an agent for a complete list of services available.

Protect Your Employees and Your Company

Fidelity Bonds can protect your employees' pension plans and 401K from dishonest acts by those managing the funds with ERISA bonds. Other services available can cover your company against damage done by an employee intent on destroying the business and its assets. Find out about service Bonds, which can offer coverage against loss of a customer's property due to dishonest acts.

The products offered in the Idaho Falls, Idaho area by Insure It All for Bond services vary widely and are designed to meet each business owner's individual requirements. Sit down with one of the independent agents to discuss your business operations, bond requirements, and ask what kind of coverage you might be missing. The time it takes to check on sufficient coverage will be more than compensated when tough economic times result in a failure to meet contracts and your Bond Insurance product will protect your business and your personal economic worth.

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