Homeowners Insurance Idaho

Homeowners insurance protects an Idaho property owner when disaster strikes. A homeowners insurance policy protects a property owner from unexpected repair costs for the rebuilding of a home and replacement of personal effects after a risk event.

Homeowners insurance also covers a property owner from liability in case of a guest injury claim. If a visitor sustains a slip and fall while on a property, homeowners liability insurance coverage compensates a victim for medical bills, and related expenses, including legal fees, so the owner is not obliged.

Disaster Risk Coverage

The threat of natural disaster to a home can be significant. Protect the market value of your property with homeowners insurance. Damages caused by a disaster event can ruin a major investment without up front ability to pay for repairs. A property owner is protected from high out-of-pocket expenditures associated with rehabilitation of a home.

Liability Risk Coverage

When a guest injures themselves on a residential property, the owner is responsible for subsequent hospital, medical, and legal expenses. Homeowners can protect themselves from negligence and extenuating legal liability for a guest injury claim with an insurance policy.

Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Comprehensive Coverage – compensates property damage repairs and liability expenses resulting from a disaster or injury incident.

Individual Coverage – covers debt obligations and outstanding mortgage finance after a serious accident or death.

Packaged Indemnity Agreements – compensates claims for loss of real property or internal contents of a home after a disaster or theft.

Combined Life Coverage – single policy that covers life insurance and homeowners insurance liability, property damage, and end-of-life expenses, as well as benefits assigned to beneficiaries.

To find out about homeowners insurance policy premiums, claims grace periods, and terms and conditions in Idaho, or to obtain a quote, contact Insure It All, Ammon, ID.