In Ammon ID, Does Commercial Insurance Cover Worker’s Compensation Claims?

When owning a business, it is extremely important to protect not only the company assets but the employees as well. This is the reason that most states require businesses to carry Worker’s Compensation insurance. It is also recommended that they carry liability insurance to pick up where a Worker’s Compensation policy leaves off. It is important to have your existing commercial business insurance evaluated to ensure you have the proper coverage to meet all of your needs, especially if an accident occurs. Business owners in the Ammon, ID area who need advice on Worker’s Compensation and other types of commercial insurance can call Insure It All and talk to a licensed agent.

Worker’s Compensation insurance is mandatory in most states. The problem is that, in most cases, it only covers accidental injuries that occur while a person is performing their duties. It does not cover accidents that involve visitors to the facility or workers who are not "on the clock." 

Certain types of injuries like slip and fall accidents or other types of falls are commonly covered under commercial liability policies. Commercial insurance policies can be written to include Worker’s Compensation, Liability, and other types of coverage that will fully protect your business from financial loss.  

At Insure It All, the agents offer a wide range of commercial insurance policies to business owners who live throughout the Ammon, ID area. Having your commercial insurance reviewed and updated periodically is extremely important to ensure you have sufficient coverage if an emergency arises. Call an agent today to find out what you need to keep your insurance up to date and your business safe from financial loss. Don’t let an accident catch you off guard!