4 Factors that can Affect your home insurance rates

Buying home insurance is not just about finding the best coverage, but understanding the ins and outs of home insurance. If you just purchased a new home in Idaho Falls, ID, you want to make sure that your home insurance needs are well-cared for. A great place to be is the Insure It All, where you will learn everything about your policy. Here are the four main factors that can affect your insurance rates.

1. Age of your home

If you just bought a newly built house, the chances of filing wear and tear damage are minimal, but an old home is more susceptible to weather elements and internal deterioration. Cracks on the floors or the walls can be signs of an aging house, which could mean the constant filing of claims.

2. Remodeling

Most people prefer buying old houses and remodeling them, particularly the bathroom and kitchen. Home remodeling is one of the best ways to reduce your premium rates as it is considered a long-term solution. In simpler terms, remodeling your home adds value to your house. This also means that your home is newer and durable than before.

3. Your address

Where your home is located in Idaho Falls, ID determines your insurance premiums. Insurance companies check factors such as the crime rate in the area, the risk for natural disasters, the neighborhood, and the amenities nearby. If your home is remotely located or has a history of burglaries, your insurance rates can go up.

4. Risk factors

Like the location, the number of home insurance claims in your area affects your rates. If you tend to file claims frequently, you may also pay higher premiums than those with no claim records. A good rule of thumb is to fix small issues when they happen to lower your rates.

To learn more about home insurance and other factors that we check when calculating your premiums, feel free to contact us at Insure It All today.