How do farmers benefit from farm insurance?

Whether farming is your main source of income or simply a hobby, you might have already noticed how bad things can get if you are not adequately insured. The majority of Idaho Falls, ID dwellers depend on farm produce to feed their families. So, if you’re thinking of making farming your full-time job, it’s essential that you understand the ins and outs of farm insurance, including the benefits that come with the policy. Here are a few benefits we thought you should know.

Protects your farm equipment and machinery

Farming activities require the use of heavy equipment and machinery to get things done faster and efficiently. Farmers will benefit from the farm machine coverage that helps repair or replace their equipment if they are damaged or destroyed by a covered peril. At Insure It All, we recommend taking good care of your equipment as normal wear and tear, inappropriate use of machines or intentional equipment damage is not covered.

Protects your livestock and farm products

To be a farmer, you will need to deal with grains, seeds, livestock or all. Fortunately, all these items are covered in your farm insurance in case of a fire or disaster. Remember anything planted including trees and crops are not covered. Farm insurance offers broad coverage for your livestock if they’re injured or killed by a covered peril.

It comes with a liability coverage

Like home insurance, your farm insurance provides liability protection for bodily injury, property damage, and medical expenses. In addition, the coverage pays legal fees if you are sued for any farm-related injuries or damage. Remember, accidents are quite common on the farm, especially if you use complex machinery, or your farm animals decide to feast on a neighbor’s crops.

Looking to buy farm insurance in Idaho Falls, ID? You are in luck because Insure It All is here to make your dreams come true. Feel free to contact us today!