Teen Drivers and Auto Insurance

Most teens can’t wait for the freedom that a driver’s license represents.  Most parents, though, groan with anxiety.  While this may be a reasonable reaction, young drivers still need insurance coverage if they are going to drive.  The problem is that teens, on average, have a higher ticket rate and are more prone to accidents.  This makes them expensive to insure.  Parents facing high premiums can heave a sigh of relief because there are things that can be done to lower premiums.  At Insure It All, our agents work with parents and teen driver in the Idaho Falls, ID area.  So that can work to keep both the teen and Mom and Dad happy.

While a sports car is alluring, it’s best if the new driver starts out on something less flashy.  While this may not be their style, it is much easier to insure them in a less showy vehicle.  The next step is to enroll them in a driving school.  Talk with your agent as this may give a discount.  Next, find out if the young driver can be included on their parents existing policy.  If you are divorced, discuss whose policy the teen will be enrolled in.  From the beginning of this process, involve the teen driver so that they understand how insurance works and how important it is to keep a clean driving record. 

Your agent will be able to talk to you about any good student discounts that may be available.  Parental monitoring tools may also provide further discounts.  This alerts parents to reckless driving behaviors such as sudden hard braking or speeding.  

At Insure It All, the agents understand the needs of teens and their parents in the Idaho Falls, ID area.  Visit the website for tools and information then come into their offices.  They know how to keep teens covered!