A Primer on Life Insurance

Life insurance protects your loved ones in the case of your sudden death. The Insure It All policy pays out a specific amount of money to the beneficiary that you name when you pass away. The money provided can pay hospital bills, funeral costs and provide money for the future cost of living expenses for your family members.

Who Should Buy Life Insurance?

If you are just starting your career and you are young and have no dependents and no assets yet, you may just want to get a small insurance policy through your work if it’s available. That should be enough to cover your burial expenses in the event you die.

After you get a bit older in Ammon, ID and are making more money in your career, you should consider getting life insurance, especially if you have a child or a spouse. When you die, your family will need the money for their expenses so they are financially taken care of without your salary coming in to pay bills. This is also true if you have guardianship of a younger spouse or relative.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance typically has less expensive rates than whole life insurance. Term life insurance is for a certain term or number of years. You simply choose the term at a set price. Most commonly, people choose a 5-, 10- or 20-year policy. If you are still alive at the end of the term, you can simply purchase another term life policy.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance policies are cash value policies that you purchase once and they last until you die. Cash value is seen as an investment because you can withdraw money out of the policy or borrow against the amount while you are still living.

Our staff at Insure It All can help you to decide which type of life insurance is best for you. You can call us or come by the office to speak to a knowledgeable agent in Ammon, ID.