Additional Coverage for High-Value Items: Insuring Your Valuables

Safeguarding our homes is essential since they are one of our most significant investments in Idaho Falls, ID. Home insurance policies cover multiple risks and potential damages, but what about high-value possessions that require additional protection? Insure It All explains additional home insurance coverage options for those valuable assets that may not be covered under standard policies. Whether it’s jewelry, art, or collectibles, it’s crucial to safeguard what matters most to you.

High-Value Items and Insurance Coverage

It’s important to know that standard homeowners’ policies have coverage limits for personal property, typically around 50% to 70% of the dwelling’s insured value. However, this coverage limit doesn’t always apply to high-value items like jewelry, artwork, or antiques. You’ll need additional coverage options if your property’s value exceeds the limit.

Scheduled Personal Property Coverage

Scheduled personal property coverage is an insurance add-on that covers specific high-value items listed on the policy. This type of coverage is ideal for expensive items like jewelry, fine art, and collectibles. In the event of a covered loss, the policyholder will be reimbursed for the amount specified in the policy.

Taking Inventory

An inventory of your valuable assets can help determine if you need additional coverage. It’s easy to underestimate the value of jewelry, art, and collectibles. The inventory should include item descriptions, purchase dates, and values. It’s also a good idea to take photos or videos of high-value items and store copies in a safe place.

Protecting your high-value items should be a priority for every homeowner. While standard homeowners’ policies provide coverage for personal property, they may not be enough for high-value items in Idaho Falls, ID. Call Insure It All today for additional coverage to safeguard your treasures.

First Time Home Owners Guide: Owning Your First Home in Idaho

Purchasing your first home in Idah is a significant financial decision, and you need to get everything right. Understanding the process and the available options ensures you make an appropriate decision. This guide has helpful insights if you plan to buy your first home. 

Insurance is a complex subject, and many first-time homeowners don’t understand it well. The insurance premiums depend on the associated home risks, and working with a local insurance company is better. A company within your locality understands the area and will guide you accordingly to know your needs and risks. 

Here is what you need to know:

Understand Your Budget

When buying a home, the first step is to evaluate your budget. This allows you to know your affordable monthly expenditure on your home. To understand this, you should:

  • Assess your savings mode
  • Tally your monthly debts and expenses
  • Know what you earn monthly

Save for Your Down Payment

You’ll need a specific cash amount to fund the purchase. Your down payment should be between 3% and 20% of the buying price. Other expenses include money to cater for closing costs and moving. 

Gather Mortgage Paperwork

While you don’t require a loan before accepting a home offer, starting the mortgage process earlier is best. Most lenders need considerable paperwork to show your monthly payment ability. Gathering the required documentation takes time, but doing it earlier prevents unnecessary delays. You want to prepare the following:

  • Up-to-date W-2s
  • Tax returns for the past two years
  • Recent pay stubs
  • Up-to-date bank statements
  • Other investment and asset statements

Engage a Reputable Insurance Agency

Purchasing a new home is an excellent investment endeavor, and you don’t want to get anything wrong throughout the process. If you want to avoid pitfalls, engage insurance professionals. Contact us today at Insure It All for assistance. 

Why do you need to have home insurance in Idaho?

Those that are in the Idaho Falls, ID area are going to have many housing options. A good option for many to consider in this area is to own and purchase their home. If you are trying to be a property owner here, getting the right insurance coverage continues to be very important. You will need to have a home insurance plan in this area for a few reasons. 

Coverage Protects Assets

An important reason to have home insurance coverage is to have protection for your assets. If you choose to buy a home, you will be making a very significant investment that you will want to pay off. With home insurance, you will know that you have coverage that will allow you to repair or replace your property in the future if certain situations occur. This insurance plan can also offer coverage for your personal assets as well.

Comply with Requirements

You should also get a home insurance plan to comply with any insurance requirements. If you have decided to buy a home with the use of a mortgage, you will need to abide by any rules that are set by your mortgage loan provider. In many cases, this will include requiring that you get a home insurance plan that offers full coverage. Many lenders will also require that you establish escrows to ensure you make your insurance payments on time. 

If you do live in the Idaho Falls, ID area, you will want to know that your home is properly covered with an insurance plan. A great way to ensure this happens is by speaking with Insure It All. The team of professionals with Insure It All can offer a lot of support and guidance that will be needed to choose an insurance plan that is ideal for your situation. 

4 Factors that can Affect your home insurance rates

Buying home insurance is not just about finding the best coverage, but understanding the ins and outs of home insurance. If you just purchased a new home in Idaho Falls, ID, you want to make sure that your home insurance needs are well-cared for. A great place to be is the Insure It All, where you will learn everything about your policy. Here are the four main factors that can affect your insurance rates.

1. Age of your home

If you just bought a newly built house, the chances of filing wear and tear damage are minimal, but an old home is more susceptible to weather elements and internal deterioration. Cracks on the floors or the walls can be signs of an aging house, which could mean the constant filing of claims.

2. Remodeling

Most people prefer buying old houses and remodeling them, particularly the bathroom and kitchen. Home remodeling is one of the best ways to reduce your premium rates as it is considered a long-term solution. In simpler terms, remodeling your home adds value to your house. This also means that your home is newer and durable than before.

3. Your address

Where your home is located in Idaho Falls, ID determines your insurance premiums. Insurance companies check factors such as the crime rate in the area, the risk for natural disasters, the neighborhood, and the amenities nearby. If your home is remotely located or has a history of burglaries, your insurance rates can go up.

4. Risk factors

Like the location, the number of home insurance claims in your area affects your rates. If you tend to file claims frequently, you may also pay higher premiums than those with no claim records. A good rule of thumb is to fix small issues when they happen to lower your rates.

To learn more about home insurance and other factors that we check when calculating your premiums, feel free to contact us at Insure It All today.

Do I Need More Home Insurance?

Life happens quickly. When things change suddenly, it can be difficult to adjust without the right guidance. This is especially true with your insurance protection plan. When does changing circumstances in your life trigger changes to your home insurance policy? Insure It All suggests that you review your Idaho Falls, ID area home insurance plan if you experience any of these life changes.

Death and Birth

A new baby means more than diapers and childproofing your environment. Adding another member to your family also means your beneficiary list has probably changed. Bring this up at your next meeting with a qualified insurance agent to choose how to distribute your policy’s funds in case of a payout.

When a family member who lives in the home passes away, the same thing applies. Review your beneficiary list to ensure payouts can be delivered to those who will need it most.

Marriage and Divorce

A new marriage often means new legal ties between two people. Check with your insurance agent if you plan to add your new spouse to the deed on your home. Even if you don’t, there could be some advantages to adding your new spouse to your home insurance policy.

Marital dissolution often demands the liquidation of commonly held properties. If one of the divorcing parties is keeping the family home, however, their home insurance policy will definitely be impacted. Your insurance agent can give you personalized guidance on these adjustments.

Career Changes

If your job description suddenly changes, it could change your insurance coverage options as well. Those who work from home should talk to their agents about commercial policies that specifically protect their business assets. If you travel away from home often, you may need additional protection against theft and home invaders.

Fluctuating paychecks can also be a reason to change your policy. You may be able to afford more coverage than you could previously, or may need to adjust your coverage to lower deductibles.

Whatever your circumstance, Insure It All is here to help you understand how they affect your home insurance options. Contact our Idaho Falls, ID area agents for a customized review of your insurance needs.

Does Home Insurance Cover Seasonal Storm Damage?

Home insurance policies cover a wide range of things and one of them is seasonal storm damage. For those that have a home and live in areas where seasonal storms are common, your homeowner’s policy is going to help cover the cost of repairs. For those that live in the Ammon, ID area, the agents with Insure It All can help you create your perfect home insurance policy.

Homeowner’s insurance first and foremost covers the cost of repairs associated with storms that are common. This means things like thunderstorms with wind and hail, ice storms and snow storms, and other seasonal storms that may end up causing damage to your home. Things like hurricanes are often not covered on homeowner’s policies. Seasonal storms are covered on homeowner’s policies for the simple fact that storms are not something that can be prevented by the homeowner. These storms are typical and are therefore covered by the policy of most homeowner ’s.

If you live in an area where mass flooding is common, where hurricanes are common, or where other storms that are atypical to the rest of the country may occur, you may want to take out special policies to cover those storms. It is important that the policy you take out is tailored to the area in which you live so that you get the best coverage possible and so that you are covered in all cases. It is important that you take the time to go over your policy to see what it covers when you take it out so that you can be sure you are going to be covered in all cases.

For those that live in the Ammon, ID area, the agents with Insure It All can help you get the perfect policy every time.

How Home Insurance Protects You From Personal Injury Lawsuits

When you first think of home insurance, you generally think of coverage for things like tornadoes, water damage, theft, and other basic accidents. What you likely do not think about are personal injury lawsuits. However, these are very real lawsuits that can be pinned against anyone. It’s smart to have home insurance protection that features liability protection, and we’ll explain why below.

What Is Liability Coverage?

Liability coverage refers to insurance coverage that protects you and your finances against personal liability claims. For example, let’s say that you are receiving a package as a delivery. The delivery person comes to your house, walks up to your front steps that lead to your front door and slips on a patch of ice.

If they slipped, fell, and were seriously injured, they may be able to bring a lawsuit against you for personal injury damages. That’s because they would be assuming that it was your fault that the ice was there. Naturally, you didn’t create ice on your front steps. The thought behind liability is that any reasonable homeowner would have known that there was ice on their front steps and would’ve cleaned it up in a timely manner so that no one slept and fell.

Going to court with people who might sue you in these situations is extremely expensive. Liability coverage protects you by either covering all or some of the damages you’ll ultimately have to pay if you are found liable or by covering the legal costs of going to court.

Contact Insure It All to Learn More

If you are an Ammon, ID resident and are interested in learning more about home insurance coverage options, Insure It All is here to assist you!

We offer home insurance for all residents of Ammon, ID and can certainly assist you in finding exactly what you’re looking for in terms of coverage. Stop by our nearest office location today, or give us a call at your earliest convenience. We look forward to helping you find the best possible home insurance for your home!

Does Umbrella Coverage Cover Worker’s Compensation Insurance in Ammon, ID?

Residents of Ammon, ID who have questions about commercial insurance and the benefits of umbrella policies can contact the agents of Insure It All. They offer a comprehensive list of policies that are designed to protect every aspect of your business from fleet coverage to Workers Compensation coverage.

What Does Umbrella Coverage Include?

Umbrella coverage includes many different types of policies, including Workers Compensation coverage. It also extends the amount of coverage you have in case one or more policies are pushed past their limits. An umbrella policy is designed to cover you in many different ways. You choose the policies that your company needs in the amounts that work best for the size of your company. A smaller company may need less coverage, while a large corporation may require numerous policies to provide adequate coverage.

The Benefits of Additional Coverage

One of the main benefits of umbrella coverage is that everything is included in one location. Umbrella coverage also has the capability of covering amounts that extend past the original policies limitations. This is especially beneficial in Workers Compensation cases when the amounts paid out exceed the limitations of the policy. This additional coverage protects your company from financial loss when the incident in question ends up being much worse than first expected.

If you own a business in Ammon, ID and are trying to find information about umbrella coverage and Workers Compensation insurance, call the agents at Insure It All. Their ultimate goal is to provide you with the information you need to make the best possible choice for your company. Call them today to find out what policies and options are available to you!


Determining How Much Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage You Need

Every homeowner’s needs are different, which is why it is important to figure out how much insurance coverage you are going to need to protect your belongings adequately without overpaying on premiums.

How much is enough?

One of the first things you should consider when trying to figure out how much coverage you need is the cost to rebuild your home completely. In the event your home becomes a total loss, you want to make sure that you buy enough coverage to replace it and the contents. This price doesn’t factor in depreciation and the cost of the property. You can estimate how much it costs to build per square foot locally and multiply that number by the square feet in your home.

In addition to figuring the cost to rebuild your home, you should also calculate the cost of any new additions as well as the total value of all of your possessions. It is best to document all of the items factored into the value assigned to the contents of the home. Save receipts and take photos of the items in your home and make sure that you date them. If you have any extraordinary or especially expensive items in your home, you should take care to document their value carefully, and if they have an appraisal, you should include it with your insurance paperwork.

Tips for having just the right amount of coverage

Carefully select the amount of coverage you need and don’t overbuy homeowner’s insurance. Go over your policy thoroughly and make any necessary changes immediately to avoid serious issues during the claims process. It is also important to use a reputable company such as Insure It All, serving the residents of Idaho Falls and Ammon, ID.

We have quality home insurance products to cover the individuals living in the Idaho Falls and Ammon, ID area. Insure It All can help you save money on your premiums in addition to helping you through the entire process of choosing the appropriate coverage. Call or stop in for more information about our high-quality insurance products.

When buying home owner’s insurance, make sure you buy enough to cover the total replacement cost of your home and select a respected insurance company so you can have a peace of mind.



The Weather In Idaho: Which Area Specific Weather Conditions Affect Your Home Insurance Policy

What’s The Weather Like?

Ammon, ID is situated near Idaho Falls and has a good deal of snowfall during the year. With annual average snow accumulation reaching near the 500 inch mark, state homeowners have to make certain their home insurance policy reflects to protect against the damage that much snow can inflict on a home. Policies should reflect special attention on roofs and gutters which take a tremendous hit with so much snow. Special care should be taken in underwriting the heating systems in the home where Idaho temps often get to below freezing in the winter months of the year. 

All of that snow has to melt and that brings us to the other major weather concern in Idaho. Floods during the early spring time due to snow melt is a major problem. At Insure It All we also offer flood insurance for your home. 

Fortunately, Idaho does not have to worry about hurricanes and has a very low percentage of tornadoes on record. Insure It All also has umbrella insurance for those items not covered by flood or home insurance.  

When it comes to Insure It All, we are housed in Ammon, ID but we serve more than 40 states. Of course we have an affinity for our home state and appreciate sitting down with our clients face to face to discuss their insurance needs. However, if you live in one of the more than 40 states we and our partners serve, you can always contact us by email or phone to get quotes for the myriad of insurance policies we offer. Insure It All, insure everything and every aspect of your life.