Toy Insurance: Who Pays For Accidents On The Way?

If you carry a toy insurance policy from Insure It All in Idaho Falls, ID,  there may be a few things that you’re not entirely clear on. One of these being: If your ATV, dirtbike, or boat is damaged while on the trailer, on the way to the track or lake, will your toy insurance pay for it, or will your auto insurance pay for it?

  • If you are at fault, your toy insurance pays for it. Your car insurance’s comprehensive and collision coverage covers your car, possibly some contents of the car, and not much else. Your toy insurance’s comprehensive and collision covers your toy, so it really is as simple as that.
  • If it’s someone else’s fault, their insurance will cover it. That’s what liability insurance is for. Comprehensive and collision are attached to the vehicle being covered, whereas liability covers the general liability you invite by hitting the road in the first place.
  • The trailer could go either way. If you have comprehensive and collision on your toy insurance policy, you probably already have some coverage on your trailer. If you want to get your trailer covered through your auto insurance, you can usually buy up to $10,000 in coverage.

An accident on the road isn’t that much different from an accident at the track or park or lake. The insurance is there to cover the damages, whether they were sustained while you were having a good time, or on your way to having a good time. If you’re still looking to get covered in Idaho Falls, ID, get in touch with Insure It All and see what they can do for you.