Is Commercial Insurance a Form of Liability Insurance?

Commercial insurance programs feature liability elements to protect employees and owners against injuries and legal matters. Generally, these policies cater to small businesses in Idaho Falls without protections provided by corporations. The built-in liability insurance of these business entities stops customers and other parties from taking the personnel assets of directors and workers. 

What Type of Commercial Insurance do I Need?

There are several components to add to a commercial insurance policy. The most important ones depend on your business. For instance, a print-on-demand company needs less liability than a refinery.

At a minimum, a commercial policy must have general liability, which covers potential medical costs and legal fees. In some situations, firms like Insure It All cover "advertising injury" within their commercial programs. It helps protect businesses deflect claims against copyright infringement and libel. An Idaho Falls, ID organization should reach out to its insurance provider to see if the program is included in its commercial policy. 

Additional Liability Insurance

There are other forms of liability coverage within a commercial policy. For instance, workers’ compensation covers employees when they’re injured. The program pays for medical expenses and lost wages while they recover. 

Commercial auto insurance also includes liability protection. Similar to a standard policy, it pays for damages related to single or multi-vehicle accidents. Usually, it applies to vehicles driven by company employees during the work day. Therefore, a worker who gets into an accident transporting business-related materials in their vehicle receives coverage. 

There are numerous components to a commercial insurance policy. Contact a representative at Insure It All if you need more information on where to start. They will work with you to find the right policy.