Do I Need More Insurance if I Make Deliveries With My Car?

If you drive your car to make money, you may have concerns about your insurance coverage. Most people don’t go their vehicles for a living, making coverage terms a little trickier to navigate. Insure It All presents this article for all Idaho Falls, ID personal delivery drivers.

Delivery Contractors Are Different From Employees

Delivery contractors are covered by a different set of insurance requirements than employees. In the eyes of the law, self-employed individuals are their bosses. As a result, they’re not entitled to the same benefits as an employee, such as car insurance.

If Your Delivery Partner Offers Insurance, It’s Probably Not Enough

If you’re a delivery driver, you need to check with your app partner about insurance coverage. Some companies, such as Amazon and Door Dash, will offer an excess range if you are in an accident with damages exceeding your policy limit. However, you are required to have a personal policy first. Others, like GrubHub, need you to have your policy and offer zero coverage.

Coverage You Should Have

Some insurance companies will insist you get a commercial auto policy for using your car as a work vehicle. Business use has risks that aren’t usually faced by personal service. Even if you aren’t required to get commercial insurance, you might need added coverage for your existing policy. Some companies even offer a particular type of insurance just for delivery drivers.

Bottom Line

Keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for insurance. Your specific needs will determine what kind of coverage you need. Ask your Idaho Falls, ID agent at Insure It All for more information.