What is Group Benefits Insurance?

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Group benefits insurance is a type of insurance that you purchase as part of a group, usually requiring approximately 70% participation. You cannot purchase it as an individual. The type of group benefits insurance you would buy usually falls into two main categories.

  • Health Insurance, including dental options
  • Life Insurance

Group benefits insurance is popular with employees and employers, particularly those who work in high-risk environments. When you purchase insurance as part of a group, there is the chance that the insurance premiums will be more affordable. Another great benefit of group benefits insurance is that you may be able to get the insurance you were declined for as an individual because all group members share the risk.

Group benefits insurance in the workplace is also a great way to attract employees. The larger the group is, the better it affects the overall rate you pay for your own policy when it comes to group benefits insurance. Health insurance, in particular, is pricey, and a reduced premium, especially for those with larger families or with health issues, is attractive.

Group benefits insurance is not limited to employers and employees. Formal groups or societies may also purchase group benefits insurance for their members.

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