3 Top Benefits of Flood Insurance in Idaho

If you have a business or home in Idaho Falls ID, you may ask whether you really need flood insurance. While the state or your mortgage lender may not require you to purchase flood insurance, you need to flood insurance from Insure It All to enjoy the below benefits. 

Protection of your assets

Flood insurance protects your home and its contents from flood damage. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) protects your home structure up to $250,000 and your assets up to $100,000, but you can increase your minimum coverage at an extra premium. 

While you may have home insurance, standard home insurance doesn’t cover damage resulting from floods. That being said, protect your prized asset from water damage by purchasing a flood insurance plan from us. 

For peace of mind

But I don’t live in a flood-plain area, why should I buy flood insurance? Whereas your area may not be classified as a flood-risk area, your house may still suffer damage by floods. You don’t believe it? According to FEMA, approximately 20% of flood insurance claims are made by persons living in low to moderate flood-risk areas!

To that end, if you don’t want to panic every time the weatherman indicates an imminent storm, buy flood insurance to keep you relaxed, knowing that your home is covered.

To protect your loved ones

Your home is a safe haven for your loved ones and pets. While you have protected your dear ones with home insurance, take the protection to the next level by acquiring flood insurance. Although flood insurance won’t stop floods, it ensures that your family will have a home even after floods strike. 

Buy flood insurance today!

Would you like to protect your Idaho Falls, ID home against flood damage? Please talk to Insure It All for a competitive quote.