Why Is Commercial Insurance Important for Your Business?

Commercial insurance is one important investment any business can make. Such policies will protect your business against severe loss when it comes to your financial health. Such incidences may be critical to a business since they may the difference between staying afloat and going under in an event a lawsuit has been filed.

Therefore, every business needs commercial insurance to cushion it against such claims and lawsuits. The reality of the matter is; you never know what might come up.

Drive worry-free by investing in the right commercial companies from professionals such as Insure It All. This way, when something happens, you will be prepared. Are you still not convinced? Read below to understand why this is the right choice for your business.

Accidents Can Happen Anywhere

Anything can happen in your business. Anyone living in Idaho Falls, ID can attest to this. And indeed anyone in the world. Can you be sure that no one will slip while coming up your stairs or trip over a cable and fall in your business? Have you ever thought what will happen when a person is hurt in your business premise? Odds are you won’t have enough money to cater for the medical bills.

Commercial insurance will take care of such expenses. With this insurance, your business will cover the medical bills and any other expense that may accrue.

Disasters Strike When You Least Expect It

While this may never happen, and we truly wish it doesn’t befall you, catastrophes may strike and will hit when you least expect. How will you take it when you drive up to your business one day only to find the door smashed and all your business property is stolen? What if you wake up to the news that your business went up in smoke? You will suddenly be ambushed with thousands of dollars in expenses.

Commercial insurance will easily cover such losses. You will not have to stress over such instances. All you need is to get an insurance cover for your business and you will be ok. In case you are in Idaho Falls, ID and you need more information on commercial insurance, contact your local professional such as Insure It All to help you through.

Factoring in Insurance When Purchasing a New Car

If you are like most people you are on a budget. That budget is important in all of your minor and major life purchases. A vehicle is definitely a major life purchase. If you are looking purchase a new vehicle there is more to consider than just the sticker price at the dealership. Your insurance premium will be a major part of your overall vehicle cost. Here are a few things to consider. 

The Age of the Vehicle

The age of the vehicle will have a huge impact on the insurance rates. If you are looking to buy a brand new car, then you are going to pay more in insurance premiums. Used, even slightly used vehicles will have drastically cheaper insurance rates. This is one reason buying a used car is usually a better option for your budget. 

The Type of Vehicle

Different types of vehicles will require different rates of insurance. For instance, a sports car will not have the same insurance rates as a minivan. You will want to do your homework ahead of time to make sure you can afford the insurance on the type of vehicle you are considering. Getting surprised after purchasing your vehicle is not a good feeling. Prepare yourself ahead of time with the information you need. 

Overall Price

The cost of your vehicle will be the car payment, plus insurance. Many dealerships also offer gap insurance which will cover any remaining costs should the something happen to the car and your insurance does not cover the full amount of what you owe on the car. Gap insurance is a smart investment if you will be financing your vehicle. Looking at the overall price before purchasing your vehicle will help you make a better-informed decision. 

If you would like to learn more about having insurance placed on a new vehicle contact us at Insure It All serving Ammon ID.


Retirement Savings Via Life Insurance

When people in Ammon, ID are asked about life insurance, most think about the product in its most basic form – a financial safety net for loved ones left behind if someone passes away unexpectedly. However, life insurance can be much more. As a retirement tool, it can provide it’s original benefit as well as provide an additional means of retirement savings that can be extremely handy in later years. This is possible through what is known as a whole life insurance plan versus the basic term life insurance plan. Unlike the term model, which is just a straight insurance coverage for a premium and after the specified number of years it’s gone completely, whole life insurance include part of the premium going into a savings account. This savings is grown with interest and becomes a sizable nest egg in one’s senior years, exactly when cash is needed the most for retirement in Ammon, ID.

With inflation, rising costs, and uncertain economic markets in the future, saving for retirement in multiple ways is just plain smart. Just putting all of one’s retirement in one vehicle could spell trouble if that particular option has a weakness. Stocks, for example, are extremely exposed to the economy as well as the success or failures of the businesses they represent.

To understand how whole life works versus term life and other insurance options, the experts at Insure It All can help. They are extremely versed in all the life insurance choices possible, and they can help a consumer find a package that fits his or her specific needs among a number of providers instead of just one. To find out more, give Insure It All a call today.

Does Home Insurance Cover Seasonal Storm Damage?

Home insurance policies cover a wide range of things and one of them is seasonal storm damage. For those that have a home and live in areas where seasonal storms are common, your homeowner’s policy is going to help cover the cost of repairs. For those that live in the Ammon, ID area, the agents with Insure It All can help you create your perfect home insurance policy.

Homeowner’s insurance first and foremost covers the cost of repairs associated with storms that are common. This means things like thunderstorms with wind and hail, ice storms and snow storms, and other seasonal storms that may end up causing damage to your home. Things like hurricanes are often not covered on homeowner’s policies. Seasonal storms are covered on homeowner’s policies for the simple fact that storms are not something that can be prevented by the homeowner. These storms are typical and are therefore covered by the policy of most homeowner ’s.

If you live in an area where mass flooding is common, where hurricanes are common, or where other storms that are atypical to the rest of the country may occur, you may want to take out special policies to cover those storms. It is important that the policy you take out is tailored to the area in which you live so that you get the best coverage possible and so that you are covered in all cases. It is important that you take the time to go over your policy to see what it covers when you take it out so that you can be sure you are going to be covered in all cases.

For those that live in the Ammon, ID area, the agents with Insure It All can help you get the perfect policy every time.

Top Reasons Why You Need Renters Insurance

Many renters move into their given location and don’t really consider protecting what they have inside of the rented facility. However, renters insurance is extremely important. So if you’re still on the fence for renters insurance, there are several of the top reasons why you need it and how Insure It All can assist you when living in Ammon, ID and the surrounding areas.

Protect Your Valuables

You may not own the property, but you do have many valuables inside. From your television and entertainment system to computers, audio equipment, or even the furniture, all of these items add up. If there was a fire and you didn’t have renters insurance, you’d likely need to replace all of these items out of pocket.

Heightened Risk of Fire and Theft

If you live in an apartment community, there are potentially hundreds of other people living around you. This means instead of one member of a household accidentally causing a fire, all it takes is one person out of the dozens, or hundreds, living in the community. Additionally, with more people living in the smaller area, it opens up your apartment to a greater risk of theft. While each community is different, it is extremely important for you to do what you can and protect your valuables. You can do this with the aid of renters insurance.

When you rent a property you still need to protect your physical property. The best way to do this is with the aid of renters insurance. At Insure It All, you have access to a team of professionals, dedicated to helping find the right insurance policy for your needs. So whether you live in Ammon, ID or the surrounding communities, now is the time to check them out.

4 Basic Insurance Policies for Every Business

Each business is different. If you do business in the Ammon ID area, Insure It All can create an insurance package especially for you. These 4 policies form the foundation of a strong business insurance strategy.

General liability insurance pays for damage caused by you or your employees during the course of work duties. If your delivery person knocks over a client’s priceless artwork, this is the policy that will pay out. General liability also covers medical bills and legal fees that come from accidents that happen on your property. For those who rent their commercial property, these policies will pay your landlord if you are found liable for damage to the buildings or grounds.

Professional liability insurance pays for legal fees associated with claims of negligence or liable. This coverage protects the subscriber from the exorbitant costs of defending themselves in a court of law. Malpractice insurance is an example of this type of coverage. However, medical professionals aren’t the only ones who benefit from professional liability insurance. Lawyers, educators, and even artists can protect their personal assets with these contracts.

Commercial auto insurance is similar to your personal car policy. It pays for accidents, medical bills, and repairs to your work vehicles. There are some key differences between commercial and personal policies. Talk to your insurance agent for more details.

Commercial property insurance covers the buildings and grounds that you use to conduct business. Like your homeowner’s policy, it pays out for damage or loss due to theft, fire, and some natural disasters. Without this coverage, one small accident could put an end to your dreams.

Is your business fully covered? Contact the experts at Insure It All in the Ammon ID area for a personalized assessment.

Is Umbrella Insurance Necessary for Startups?

One common mistake most startup business owners make is failing to purchase sufficient coverage for their companies. This error can easily be made, especially when you’re operating on a tight budget and you have many things you need to do to grow the business – getting protection against some disasters will not seem very important. What most people don’t know is that it doesn’t take much to lose all that you have worked hard to build. One of the coverages a startup should get from insurers like Insure It All in Ammon, ID is umbrella insurance.

What is umbrella insurance?

This is an excess policy that is designed to supplement some of your main insurance coverage such as employer’s liability, auto, and general liability. These policies are known as underlying insurance. An umbrella insurance plan can cover one or more policies depending on your preferences.

In case some claims are not covered by an underlying policy or an underlying policy gets exhausted and you still have outstanding expenses, your umbrella policy will come in as an affordable solution that will offer the extra coverage you need.

Just like the underlying policies, this insurance plan covers a broad range of risks like paying for litigation costs and restitution for injuries. The costs can also include medical expenses and court-awarded damages and settlements.

Why your startup needs umbrella insurance

Your startup needs umbrella insurance for the same reason it requires other coverage options – to get protection against various mishaps. Most general policies don’t cover every risk the company faces. What’s more, there are certain claims a company faces that are both costly and extremely rare. Getting umbrella insurance to cover such risks is quite important for any startup.

If you are searching for this coverage, consider contacting Insure It All that serves the Ammon, ID area and its environs for more information.

Common Conditions That Make Healthcare Necessary For Your Family

If you have been debating on whether or not you and your family need health insurance coverage, here are a few points to consider. Most people in this country will develop a chronic health condition, regardless of age, at some point in their lives. These conditions can become incredibly expensive, and, in some cases, can leave families without a means to treat the condition.

Common Conditions

One of the most common, and expensive conditions that commonly occur in individuals is diabetes. Type 1 diabetes normally presents itself early in life and requires daily monitoring and treatment. Without the necessary medication and testing supplies, a person can develop life-threatening symptoms requiring expensive medical treatment. Another condition that would require having health insurance is food allergies. If you ingest or come in contact with a food that you are allergic to, you may need treatment with epinephrine, a trip to your local hospital, or both. Other conditions that require medical insurance include heart conditions, asthma, and kidney failure.

Don’t Wait For A Condition To Appear

The most effective way to protect yourself and your family from financial ruin is to purchase adequate health insurance coverage before a serious condition has a chance to present itself. Health Insurance requires a small co-pay for regular doctor visits and a relatively small co-pay for hospital treatment and hospital stays. For more information about health insurance in or around Ammon, ID, Insure It All has the answers you need.

Don’t leave the security of your family to chance. Get the right health insurance today to protect them tomorrow. The Ammon, ID, Insure It All looks forward to speaking with you about your specific needs. Call or stop by today to get the coverage you want.

Why You Need Commercial Insurance

For those that are in the Ammon, ID area, owning a small business can be a great career option.  For those that would like to have their own business, having proper insurance coverage is very important.  There are several reasons why you need to have commercial insurance coverage.

Provides You With Liability Protection

If you own your own small business, you are taking on a certain amount of liability every time someone comes into your place of business or uses your product or service. Since there is always a risk of injury, making sure that you have adequate coverage in place is extremely important. A liability insurance policy will provide you with protection in the event you are found liable for an injury to another party. Furthermore, the commercial insurance policy will provide you with workers compensation insurance, which will provide coverage if you have an employee that is injured on the job.

Property Insurance

Another reason why you should get a commercial insurance policy is that it can also provide you with property insurance protection. If your business owns real estate, having a property insurance policy is very beneficial.  This type of policy will provide you with coverage in the event your place of business is damaged, vandalized, or if you experience a loss due to theft.


Finally, you will need to have a commercial insurance policy to stay in compliance.  Depending on the size of your company, you will be required to have workers compensation insurance in your liability policy.  Also, if you have lenders or investors, they will likely require you to have adequate insurance.

If you are in need of commercial insurance in the Ammon, ID area, one great company to reach out to would be Insure It All.  Insure It All is a leading insurance company that can help you to find and builds a commercial insurance policy that is right for your business needs.

Do You Have to Have Commercial Insurance on a Home Business?

Home businesses are a great way to make an income without having to take out a huge loan to get a storefront and hire employees. They do however come with some hidden costs and you need to be aware of what insurance coverages you need to have in place to make sure that your home business is protected no matter what. For those that have a home business in the Ammon, ID area, the agents with Insure It All can answer your questions and help you get the perfect coverage.

The first thing that you should understand about home businesses is that it is not mandatory that you have a commercial policy to protect them. In most cases, your home business is going to be protected by your homeowner’s policy so that you are not going to have to worry if something does happen to your inventory. You may want to declare it on your homeowner’s policy so that you can get the added coverage that you need but you do not have to have a separate policy to protect your home business.

Depending on the size of your business, you may want to look into incorporating your business or taking out a small commercial policy but for the most part, a home business is going to be adequately covered on your homeowner’s policy. You also want to consider what it is that you have in your home business and how much you might need to keep insured. For those in the Ammon, ID area, the agents with Insure it all can help you to find the perfect policy for your home business and can help answer any questions that you may have about needing an extra commercial policy on top of your home coverage.