Four Things to Consider When Buying Group Health Insurance

At Insure it All, our brokers in Idaho Falls, ID, offer group health insurance to companies wanting to provide their employees with affordable coverage plans. If you’re an owner or company manager, here are some things to consider when choosing group health plans to make available to your staff.

1. Explore Your Costs vs Employee Contributions

Employers and employees generally share monthly premiums, and the employer controls how costs are divided. An employee’s contribution need not be the same for family versus single-person coverage. On average, the majority of those who sign up for group health insurance are interested in single-employee premiums.

2. Look Beyond Premiums While Comparing Group Insurance Plans

There are many components to group health insurance, including premiums, deductibles, co-payments, and coinsurance, that contribute to the bottom line. Higher premiums equate to lower employee deductibles, and co-payments can add up for those who see doctors routinely. With this in mind, estimate the portion you and the employee will pay with available plan choices.

3. Know What Employees Value in Health Insurance

Everyone has specific needs and preferences in coverage options, premiums, and co-payments. They may have a specific network they like working with, and their needs can differ depending on their age, family size, and finances. Staff may have special interests in wellness programs, prescription drug plans, and certain physicians.

4. Keep An Eye on Vision & Dental Benefits

The more benefits a group plan offers, the more employees are likely to sign up. Many insurers add extra dental and vision care coverage at little to no additional costs. It’s not unusual for employees to cover the full cost of these voluntary benefits while enjoying reduced expenses by adding them to an existing group health insurance plan.

Are you looking Into Group Health Insurance for Your Company?

Group health insurance is a wise investment for employers, as having coverage boosts employee morale and helps keep them healthy and productive on the job. Contact Insure It All online, call us or stop by our office in Idaho Falls, ID, to learn more about these plans and get a quote.