Determining How Much Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage You Need

Every homeowner’s needs are different, which is why it is important to figure out how much insurance coverage you are going to need to protect your belongings adequately without overpaying on premiums.

How much is enough?

One of the first things you should consider when trying to figure out how much coverage you need is the cost to rebuild your home completely. In the event your home becomes a total loss, you want to make sure that you buy enough coverage to replace it and the contents. This price doesn’t factor in depreciation and the cost of the property. You can estimate how much it costs to build per square foot locally and multiply that number by the square feet in your home.

In addition to figuring the cost to rebuild your home, you should also calculate the cost of any new additions as well as the total value of all of your possessions. It is best to document all of the items factored into the value assigned to the contents of the home. Save receipts and take photos of the items in your home and make sure that you date them. If you have any extraordinary or especially expensive items in your home, you should take care to document their value carefully, and if they have an appraisal, you should include it with your insurance paperwork.

Tips for having just the right amount of coverage

Carefully select the amount of coverage you need and don’t overbuy homeowner’s insurance. Go over your policy thoroughly and make any necessary changes immediately to avoid serious issues during the claims process. It is also important to use a reputable company such as Insure It All, serving the residents of Idaho Falls and Ammon, ID.

We have quality home insurance products to cover the individuals living in the Idaho Falls and Ammon, ID area. Insure It All can help you save money on your premiums in addition to helping you through the entire process of choosing the appropriate coverage. Call or stop in for more information about our high-quality insurance products.

When buying home owner’s insurance, make sure you buy enough to cover the total replacement cost of your home and select a respected insurance company so you can have a peace of mind.