What Insurance Options Are Available with Group Benefits Policies?

Group benefit policies are designed to make various types of insurance more affordable. When purchased by a large group of people, the rates are more affordable and everyone has the option to include the types of insurance they need the most. At Insure It All, each agent has the knowledge and experience to help the residents of Idaho Falls, ID get the type of policy that makes the most sense for them.

Health Insurance

Health insurance for both individuals as well as their families is probably one of the most important of all the types of policies offered in group benefits packages. Employees who have large families may not be able to afford health insurance without the group benefits rate being applied to their premium.

Dental and Vision

Dental and vision insurance options are also extremely popular for employees with families. When offered along with health insurance, the addition of dental and vision policies create a well-rounded group benefits package that provides what most people are looking for. 

Life Insurance

Life insurance is another popular option. Some people like having life insurance in place as a means of caring for their family if the unthinkable occurs. Others prefer to have it simply as a safeguard to cover their final expenses.

At Insure It All, the agents are dedicated to helping local companies provide their employees in Idaho Falls, ID with the best possible options when it comes to group benefits packages. If you have questions or would like more information, contact one of the agents at your earliest convenience. They will be able to answer your questions and get a group benefits package in place that your employees will appreciate.


3 Tips for Buying Health Insurance in Idaho Falls, ID

Health insurance equals valuable protection. It’s there when you need to help cover doctor visits and health-related emergencies. Without the right health insurance policy in Idaho Falls, ID, you could find yourself in a situation where you can’t pay your medical bills. To be certain you, your family and your bank account are protected now and in the future, it’s important to secure a health insurance policy. The team at Insure It All has put together a list of three easy tips to help you get started.

1. Work with a Reputable Agent

The in’s and out’s of health insurance may not be immediately clear to the average person. However, when you work with a reputable insurance agent, you can view them as a kind of translator. They "translate" exactly what the policy covers and how much it will cost. They are the go-to person for all your questions and concerns before, during, and after the policy buying process.

2. Compare Quotes

It’s advisable to compare several health insurance quotes before deciding on the best one for you and your family. Go over each quote in detail with your insurance agent so you’re certain you understand everything involved in each policy.

3. Bundle Your Insurance Quotes

To get a discount on your insurance premiums, consider bundling all of your policies, like life, auto, and home insurance, under one insurance carrier. This is an easy way to get rewarded for your loyalty. Again, your insurance agent can help you with bundling.

To learn more about health insurance policies, contact Insure It All, serving the Idaho Falls, ID area, today.  Insurance agents are available and ready to help you find the right policy. 

Things that can nullify a life insurance policy

You have purchased an insurance policy to protect your dependents in the event that you are no longer there to support them. You assume that your beneficiaries will be able to collect the face value of the policy that you are paying on. It is scary to say but there are things that can nullify a life insurance policy and it is important to understand what they are and how to avoid them. Insure It All in Idaho Falls, ID is there to help you to understand all the ins and outs of life insurance policies. 

Lying on your application

Applications must be filled out truthfully.  If a lie is uncovered on your application your life insurance policy could be null and void. So if you are a smoker, just admit it and let the chips fall where they may. 

Not paying your premium

Life insurance is important coverage and letting it lapse because of nonpayment could take away your peace of mind. If you are having financial difficulties, call your policyholder and explain what is going on, usually, they have a grace period. 


Most insurance policies will not pay if the insured commits suicide within the first two years after the policy is issued. This is done to discourage people who are contemplating suicide from taking out life insurance policies. 

Risky job or hobby

If you are a race car driver or your hobby is sky diving, you must disclose this to the insurance company on the application. Withholding this information can nullify your coverage. 

Moving out of the country

If you buy your life insurance while you live in the United States and then move to another country, your insurance company may not pay the benefit if you die while living there. 

Avoiding all of these things will help guarantee that if something happens to you, your beneficiaries will receive your life insurance. Stop by the office of Insure It All in Idaho Falls, ID or give them a call to discuss your life insurance needs. 

Why Your Small Business Needs Commercial Insurance

Why Your Small Business Needs Commercial Insurance

If you’re the owner of a small business, you know how important it is to protect all the hard work you put in day in and day out. While you likely already have a property insurance policy, it’s important to have a solid business commercial insurance policy in place as well.

Here’s why commercial insurance matters: 

– Commercial insurance doesn’t just protect you- it protects your employees as well. If something happens to your business, you want to make sure that your employees aren’t left high and dry. While basic commercial insurance is necessary for any small business, you may also need additional commercial insurance coverage.

– You already have auto insurance, but if you drive at all for your business, you need commercial auto insurance as well. Your personal auto insurance policy is not enough to cover your vehicle(s) used for business. 

– Running a business online? In today’s day and age, it’s key for you to have commercial cyber insurance to make sure you’re protected in case your symptom gets hacked. 

– If you have employees, you need workman’s compensation insurance. When purchasing your commercial insurance policy, be sure that you have an amount of workman’s compensation coverage that makes you feel comfortable. The more employees you have the more workman’s compensation insurance you’ll need.

Call Insure It All, Serving Idaho Falls, ID

If you’re interested in making sure that your small business is fully covered with commercial insurance, Insure It All is here to help. Stop into our office, serving Idaho Falls, ID, to talk with one of our agents about protecting your small business.


Do I Need More Home Insurance?

Life happens quickly. When things change suddenly, it can be difficult to adjust without the right guidance. This is especially true with your insurance protection plan. When does changing circumstances in your life trigger changes to your home insurance policy? Insure It All suggests that you review your Idaho Falls, ID area home insurance plan if you experience any of these life changes.

Death and Birth

A new baby means more than diapers and childproofing your environment. Adding another member to your family also means your beneficiary list has probably changed. Bring this up at your next meeting with a qualified insurance agent to choose how to distribute your policy’s funds in case of a payout.

When a family member who lives in the home passes away, the same thing applies. Review your beneficiary list to ensure payouts can be delivered to those who will need it most.

Marriage and Divorce

A new marriage often means new legal ties between two people. Check with your insurance agent if you plan to add your new spouse to the deed on your home. Even if you don’t, there could be some advantages to adding your new spouse to your home insurance policy.

Marital dissolution often demands the liquidation of commonly held properties. If one of the divorcing parties is keeping the family home, however, their home insurance policy will definitely be impacted. Your insurance agent can give you personalized guidance on these adjustments.

Career Changes

If your job description suddenly changes, it could change your insurance coverage options as well. Those who work from home should talk to their agents about commercial policies that specifically protect their business assets. If you travel away from home often, you may need additional protection against theft and home invaders.

Fluctuating paychecks can also be a reason to change your policy. You may be able to afford more coverage than you could previously, or may need to adjust your coverage to lower deductibles.

Whatever your circumstance, Insure It All is here to help you understand how they affect your home insurance options. Contact our Idaho Falls, ID area agents for a customized review of your insurance needs.

Teen Drivers and Auto Insurance

Most teens can’t wait for the freedom that a driver’s license represents.  Most parents, though, groan with anxiety.  While this may be a reasonable reaction, young drivers still need insurance coverage if they are going to drive.  The problem is that teens, on average, have a higher ticket rate and are more prone to accidents.  This makes them expensive to insure.  Parents facing high premiums can heave a sigh of relief because there are things that can be done to lower premiums.  At Insure It All, our agents work with parents and teen driver in the Idaho Falls, ID area.  So that can work to keep both the teen and Mom and Dad happy.

While a sports car is alluring, it’s best if the new driver starts out on something less flashy.  While this may not be their style, it is much easier to insure them in a less showy vehicle.  The next step is to enroll them in a driving school.  Talk with your agent as this may give a discount.  Next, find out if the young driver can be included on their parents existing policy.  If you are divorced, discuss whose policy the teen will be enrolled in.  From the beginning of this process, involve the teen driver so that they understand how insurance works and how important it is to keep a clean driving record. 

Your agent will be able to talk to you about any good student discounts that may be available.  Parental monitoring tools may also provide further discounts.  This alerts parents to reckless driving behaviors such as sudden hard braking or speeding.  

At Insure It All, the agents understand the needs of teens and their parents in the Idaho Falls, ID area.  Visit the website for tools and information then come into their offices.  They know how to keep teens covered!

Farm Insurance Basics: Protecting Today’s Farmers for Tomorrow

Farms need to be protected with farm insurance.  If you are producing a large garden as a hobby, there is the potential that your home insurance policy will cover it.  It may cover some of the equipment and outbuildings.  If you decide to start selling at the local farmers market or are farming professionally, a farm insurance policy will be needed.  The agents at Insure It All work with all types of farmers in the Idaho Falls, ID area to get them the coverage they need. 

For those running a hobby farm, there are specific policies.  To be classified as a hobby farm, it must be less than 500 acres with no employees.  Also, the maximum annual earnings must be less than $10,000.  For full-time farmers, farm owner’s policies include property insurance and liability coverage. Special amendments can be added to address the unique features of the farm and its operations.  As every farm is different, the coverage reflects these special aspects of the operation.

Two areas you may want to consider are crop insurance and livestock insurance.  These are similar policies and are partially funded by the US Department of Agriculture.  There are two types generally offered:  Individual and Blanket.  Individual coverage is usually used for high-value animals that need to be covered for a specific amount.   Blanket policies will cover the entire farm including equipment, livestock, and buildings in one policy.  It is important to ensure correct values when using a blanket policy.  Being underinsured could present difficulties in the future.  The team at Insure It All work with farmers throughout the Idaho Falls, ID area.  Visit their website for general information then come into their offices.  Their agents will get the coverage needed to protect your farm today!

What Does Workers Comp Insurance Cover?

Workers compensation is required in Idaho Falls, ID and will cover expenses that are related to an employee’s work-related injury or illness. It can cover immediate costs, as well as long-term costs. There is also a portion that will cover legal fees if an employee is suing your organization.

1. Medical Costs for Immediate Illnesses and Injuries: While a business should take every precaution to prevent illnesses and injuries, accidents can still happen. When an employee does get injured, an employer is usually responsible for covering the cost. Workers comp insurance can pay for the emergency room visit, ambulance ride, and other medical bills.

2. Lost Wages: If an employee has an accident and he or she can’t work for a while, you may still be required to pay a portion of their missed wages when they are in recovery. This may also mean you still need to find, train, and pay for a temporary replacement worker. Missed work can be a huge expense, so workers comp can reduce this financial burden. When choosing a policy, you have the option of a fixed dollar mount or to cover a percentage of lost wages. Ask an agent at Insure It All to figure out what is best for your business.

3. Ongoing Care: If an injury is severe and the employee needs ongoing care, these policies can cover the cost.

4. Death Benefits: If there is a tragedy and it ends with an employee’s death, insurance can cover funeral costs and death benefits for support payments to the employee’s dependents. These benefits can be useful if you work in a high-risk industry.

5. Legal Costs: If you face a lawsuit because of an injury, your worker’s comp policy can cover the associated fees.

Contact Insure It All, serving Idaho Falls, ID, to get a quote on workers comp insurance. 

When Your Toy Is Your Livlihood: When Your Vocation Includes Your Recreational Toy

The term toy insurance is basically an oxymoron. When you think of a toy you think of being a child and being carefree. Conversely, when you think of insurance you think of being an adult – a responsible adult. The professional staff that you will encounter at Insure It All knows exactly how to bring the two together beautifully. You love your toy and you enjoy getting out there and playing it or playing on it.  

Getting paid to do what you love is awesome. Whether you are a jet ski instructor or if you give tours a board your  ATV  you have managed to combine your recreational hobby with a paycheck. Let us help you keep your focus where it needs to be, on your business, by protecting your toys and your commercial laibilities and concerns sufficiently. You are able to make certain that you are a responsible business owner. Sit down today with an agent who can advise you on how to protect your toys through toy insurance as well as protect your business. We can sort out the interlocking facets of your business and write your policy including its recreational, toy and commercial insurance features. 

Located in scenic Idaho Falls, ID, Insure It All can be found at 919 South 25th East. Idaho Falls ID 83406. If you’d rather give us a telephone call please contact us at 208-522-3388. Our agency has a distinction of servicing each state in the United States of America. So not only do we Insure It All we also can "Insure it Everywhere" As a result our agents are knowledgeable in the insurance laws and practices that cover the entire country. Take advantage of our knowledge today by contacting us.

Why Idaho residents need flood insurance

Flood insurance does not typically come as part of your primary home insurance policy, and Idaho residents are wise to carry additional flood insurance. In fact, there are areas of the state where this insurance is mandatory. However, even if you do not live in a flood plain, there are a number of reasons why flood insurance should be a part of your comprehensive insurance portfolio. The team at Insure It All is proud to serve the greater Idaho Falls, ID area and provide our friends and neighbors with the insurance coverage that they need. Don’t be left exposed in the event that flood waters cause damage to your family home!

Why flood insurance is a good idea for Idaho residents

Water damage can cause a lot of upheavals when it affects your home, and damage from flood waters can be even more extensive. Don’t be caught without the coverage that you need! Flood insurance can cover you in the event of the flash flooding that can occur during heavy rainstorms that occur quite often in Idaho.  Run-off waters from storms can cause damage to your foundation in addition to the mess that standing water can create. If you want to protect your home and family from the disruption that these events can cause, we recommend that you add flood insurance to your primary home insurance policy. This coverage can provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you will be covered in the event of a flood in your area. 

Now is a good time to learn more about the benefits of flood insurance and review your policy options. Call or stop by Insure It All and find out how we can help you protect your Idaho Falls, ID area home today!